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Photography by Paul de Delve


Useful Links


Specialist Photography
The Daguerrian Society The Daguerreian Society and the Daguerrotype for large format photography
[PHOTOGRAMME] Photogramme a great French language site devoted to Kallitype, Cyanotype & Gum Bichromate printing techniques
Pinhole Cameras The Penultimate Pinhole photography page, a wealth of information about pinhole photography, its history and theory
A History of Photography from its beginnings till the 1920s by Dr. Robert Leggat

Galleries & Photographers
de visu de visu photographic galley presents a selection of imaginative photograhic ideas
Photographe.Com Photographe.Com features an array of interesting photographers
Photographie Magazine Photographie Magazine for a wealth of imagery, photographic information and resource
The Photographers' Gallery, London The London based Photographers' Gallery official website
ZeroZone ZoneZero a site rich with imagery containing over 100 galleries of photography

Web Design Tools
Anfy Java The excellent Anfy Java was used to generate the Java animations
The Elated Web Toolbox This site was constructed with the help of Elated's wonderful FREE pagekits


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